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  • (+202) 259 764 04


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2A, 200 St. Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.




  • Sunday to Sat - 9:00AM to 5:00PM


Types of different channels

Bee has a diversified multitude of offerings for channels that covers every style and need.

From establishing your own payment solution company where Bee will act as a system vendor till a standalone retail outlet in a remote area.




Bee offers for big players a distributors model. If you are a distribution company in any field (Telecom – FMCG – Pharma – Home Appliances – others) and already built your fleet and distribution network is ready, Bee is offering you a model that is designed to utilize your current CAPEX and infrastructure to generate mode revenues with almost a CAPEX free model. You can act as a distributor for Bee, while running your own operations with your distribution structure and leaving the technical department to Bee experts.



Wholesaler with a small distribution network

If you are a wholesaler and have your own network of standalone retail outlets whether you have a distribution force or not, you can add to your portfolio Bee payment services and earn from your current network with MINIMUM investment from your side.



Chain of retail outlets

Retail chains has its own unique nature of business and their won challenges. We at Bee fully understand this unique combination and have developed a solution that fits the retail chain nature by adding a VAS to the retail outlet and generating more volumes without consuming any shelf space.



Standalone retail shop

Standalone retail outlets are the backbone of Bee network. If you are a standalone outlet, then Bee is your perfect partner to offer thepayment service in your outlet with the most powerful system and 24X7 call center and support.


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BeeAgents (@BeeAgents)

BeeAgents (@BeeAgents)

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Nationwide Offices

  • Alex – El Nakl and El Handsa St, Terrace Smouha Building E, Apartment 103, behind Smouha Club, Smouha , Alexandria
  • Delta – Floor 1, Flat 1, 99 Ebn El Fared St. with Haroun El Rashedy St, Tanta
  • Cairo – Flat No. 1, in Building No. 3, Khaled Bin Al Waleed Str, off 262 Street Maadi, Cairo
  • Giza – Building No 3, Flat 103, Doret El Fadl St., Extesion From Mahmoud Haredy Al Mohawelat St, Mahatet Al Matbaa Haram, Giza
  • Assuit – Floor 5, Flat 5, Al Malk Tower, El Nasr ST, Taksem El Petrole, Assuit
  • Luxor – Floor 1, Flat 2, Pizza Tower Home, Television St, Luxor